Time Slot 1
Early Morning: 9:40 - 10:35

Session # 1A - Talk Into The Mic - 20 people registered

Presented by: Ron Nordstrom

Session # 1B & # 2B - Eric Carle Look-a-Likes - 20 people registered for 1B and 25 registered for 2B

Presented by: Glenda MacPhee



Session # 1C & # 2C - GPS in the Middle Years Classroom*Double Session* - 20 people registered

Presented by: Whitney Stone

Session # 1D & # 2D - Digital Portraits *Double Session* - 20 people registered

Presented by: David L'Heureux

Session # 1E & # 2E - Stitch Your World Together *Double Session* - 20 people registered

Presented by: Dianne Nordstrom

NACI Photosynths
Photosynth Website
My Photosynths

  1. A windows live account such as mymts.net or hotmail
  2. Microsoft Silverlight – As soon as you try to view a synth, you will be asked to download and install silverlight.
  3. Photosynth
  4. Microsoft Image Composite Editor – available at http://research.microsoft.com/en-us/um/redmond/groups/ivm/ice/
Or go to http://photosynth.net/about.aspx
  1. Microsoft Image Composite Editor needs Microsoft net framework 3.5. When you try to install Microsoft ICE the installer will ask you to first install Microsoft net Framework 3.5 and will take you to the appropriate website.

Session # 1F - Using Technology to Make Career Development Fun and Easy - 16 people registered

Presented by: Tom Prins

Session # 1G - World-Wide Innovative Educators Forum - 19 people registered

WWIEF 2011 Conference - http://www.microsoft.com/education/uspil/USIEF/default.mspx
WWIEF 2010 Conference - http://www.microsoft.com/education/pil/innovation_forum.aspx
Application Form -

Presented by: Clarke Hagan

Session # 1H - Social Media in the Classroom - 25 people registered

Presented by: John Finch


Session # 1I - Basic Troubleshooting in the Classroom - 24 people registered

Presented by: Ryan Ukno & David Citulsky

Session # 1J - Create! - 25 people registered

Presented by: Andy McKiel

The ultimate guide to digital storytelling tools: Alan Levine's 50 Web 2.0 Ways To Tell A Story
Feel like expressing your creativity through images? Fun With Photos
But most of my content creation starts right here... The Google

Session # 1K - The Manitoba Educators' Services Initiative - 14 people registered

Presented by: John Evans

Session # 1L - Internet Safety: Where to Start - 22 people registered

Presented by: John Hiebert

Session # 1M - Caught in the Web: Legal, Ethical & Responsible Classroom Use of the Internet - 13 people registered

Presented by: David Nutbean

Caught in the Web.pdf

Bill C-32 and Copyright on Education
Creative Commons Canada - Canadian Copyright
Too Much Information

Session # 1N - Comic Life in the Classroom - 20 people registered
Presented by: Nora Heschuk
Click here for a better look at the tutorial.

Slide Share Source - other related resources
Guidelines for Creating Comics
Math Projects
Planning as Math or Science Project
Animation Sites and Education Resources
Comic Life Links and Tips
Canada Becomes a Nation - Grade 6 Comic Life Project
More Comic Life Ideas and Samples

Tips and Samples - http://www.region2library.com/DATA/2010SI/pscl/ComicLifeinClassroom.pdf

Session # 1O - Twitter Hands-on! - 20 people registered





Twitter in Plain English (YouTube)

Tweetdeck (recommended software platform for Twitter)

Last year's BYTE 2010 'Twitter 4 Teachers' presentation (requires Flash)


Presented by: Ryan Maksymchuk,

Swan Valley Regional Secondary School,

Swan Valley School Divsion, rmaksymchuk <at> svsd.ca

Session # 1P & # 2P - SMART Board Basics: Just Starting Out *Double Session* - 20 people registered

Presented by: Deb Russell


Session # 1Q - SMART Response Units - 20 people registered

Presented by: Grant Butler

Session # 1R - Free Online Tools for Teachers - 20 people registered

Presented by: Craig Cuddy

Session # 1S - The Basics of Mimio Notebook - 25 people registered

Presented by: Catherine Strifling, Victor Mager School, LRSD


Session # 1T - Web Resources to Support Education for Sustainable Development -Session is cancelled

Presented by: Anne MacDiarmid

Session # 1U - Integrating ICT Outcomes Using Blackboard / WebCT - 7 people registered

Presented by: Donald Girouard

Find out how you can use the online resources of Manitoba’s web-based courses to integrate senior years ICT skills with your face-to-face classes – for example, integrating specific learning outcomes from Applying ICT 1 and 2(15F). You’ll be surprised how many ICT skills students use while participating in an online course or in a learning community, built around tools that come with the Blackboard system (formerly known as WebCT).

ICT Curriculum Framework Document of Outcomes

Session # 1V & # 2V - Acid Xpress in the Music Classroom *Double Session* - 12 people registered
Presented by: Les Chalmers

Session # 1W - Special Supports for Special Needs - 20 people registered
Presented by: Albert Krynski

Session # 1X - Portable Apps - 25 people registered
Presented by: Josh Baker

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