Time Slot 2
Late Morning: 10:50 - 11:45

Session # 2A - Infusing ICT in Early Years Math and Science Curricula - 25 people registered

Presented by: Sherry Perih & Rosalind Robb

Session # 1B - GIS Lessons for Early & Middle Years - 25 people registered

Presented by: Rob Langston

Session # 1C & # 2C- GPS in the Middle Years Classroom *Double Session* - 20 people registered

Presented by: Whitney Stone

Session # 1D & # 2D - Digital Portraits *Double Session* - 20 people registered

Presented by: David L'Heureux

Session # 1E & # 2E - Stitch Your World Together *Double Session* - 20 people registered

Presented by: Dianne Nordstrom

Session # 2F - Cool Tools for Online Learning - 25 people registered

Information about Microsoft Lync - http://lync.microsoft.com/en-ca/launch/Pages/launch.aspx?wt.mc_id=can_iw-lync-en_site_en_D

PPT Presentation -

Presented by: Clarke Hagan

Session # 2G - "Now What Do We Do?" - Connected Devices in Your Classroom - 25 people registered

Presented by: Ryan Maksymchuk

Swan Valley Regional Secondary School,

Swan Valley School Division

rmaksymchuk <at> svsd.ca

Session # 2H - LwICT is 21st Century Learning! - 25 people registered

Presented by: John Finch

Literacy with ICT

Session # 2J - Toolbox for the 21st Century Resource Teacher - 25 people registered

Presented by: Devon Caldwell

Session # 2K - Introduction to Microsoft Publisher - 20 people registered

Presented by: Kathy Spangler

Session # 2L - Jimmy's Teacher Tools - 20 people registered

Presented by: Jim Mueller

Session # 2M - Virtual-ly Paperless Classroom - 25 people registered

Presented by: Meg Sloik & Jennifer Adamson

Session # 2N - The Why and How of Classroom Wikis - 25 people registered

Presented by: Andy McKiel

Session # 2O - Making Interactive Lessons with SMART Notebook - 20 people registered

Presented by: Jodi Hrymak

Session #1P & # 2P - SMART Board Basics: Just Starting Out *Double Session* - 20 people registered

Presented by: Deb Russell

Session # 2Q - Internet Got You Down: Technology-infused Pedagogy Without the Web - 17 people registered

Presented by: Mark Waldner & Dave Juce

Session # 2R & # 3R - ePEARL: Electronic Portfolios Encouraging Active Reflective Learning *Double Session* - 15 people registered

Presented by: Michelle Larose-Kuzenko michelle.larose-luzenko@gov.mb.ca

Advantages of ePEARL for Students, Including Students Who Face Challenges in Their Learning

1. ePEARL allows for differentiation for students with different learning needs and different learning styles. Portfolios can be created by using a simple word processor, by recording orally, and by uploading files, including photos and short videos.
2. The Sharing function allows students to reach an audience that can provide positive feedback.
3. The Collaborate function allows students to work together.
4. The Personalize function allows students to create an interface that they customize to represent themselves. This gives them a certain control over that aspect of their learning.
5. ICT is often a great motivator to persist at a task.
6. The step-by-step "wizard" approach to ePEARL provides students with a scaffold to guide their learning from goal setting to reflecting.
7. The many prompts, questions, reminders and tips remind students of where they are and what they need to do next.
8. The short videos speak in the voice of the student.

ePEARL Resources

1. How ePEARL supports LwICT - http://www.edu.gov.mb.ca/k12/tech/lict/resources/epearl/support.html
2. Assessment of LwICT - ( ePearl videos) - http://www.edu.gov.mb.ca/k12/tech/lict/let_me_try/assess.html
3. More ePEARL resources on the Manitoba Education website - http://www.edu.gov.mb.ca/k12/tech/lict/resources/epearl/index.html
4. Resources available from Concordia University - http://grover.concordia.ca/epearl/resources/home_en.php
Includes Print-based documentation, a Virtual tutorial, a wiki and Professional development videos.
5. Follow the tutorial to learn how to use ePearl - http://grover.concordia.ca/epearl/tutorial/index.php

Session # 2S - Inquiry-based eLearning Content Developed by Teachers - 25 people registered

Presented by: Rheal Dumont

Session # 2T - Belonging, Learning & Growing: A Website Dedicated to Diversity Education - 14 people registered

Presented by: Tony Tavares

Session # 2U - Introducing Current Topics in First Nations, Metis and Inuit Studies - 7 people registered

Presented by: Greg Pruden & Lee Brown

Session # 1V & # 2V - Acid Xpress in the Music Classroom *Double Session* - 12 people registered

Presented by: Les Chalmers

Session # 2W - Multi-sensory Environments - 24 people registered

Presented by: Albert Krynski

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